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As you will see, The quality of the this video footage is not a crystal clear Hollywood production. This material was shot with a digital camcorder in my school, and minimally edited to give you the full impact. You have my word, the quality of the material is excellent.
I appreciate your interest in these materials. And look forward to providing you with many more high quality materials for years to come.

Sifu Trey Crake
Master Instructor
Dragon Claw Kung Fu
49 Napa Valley Circle
Madison, MS 39110
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Chuck Norris Honored by Sifu Trey Crake (From Chuck Norris' Kickstart Newsletter)
P.S. I'll tell you straight up. If there was only one technique that I could use (after training for over 25 years, I've seen a lot!), in the majority of situations I might find myself in, this would be it- Hands Down! If your personal safety and peace of mind are important to you, YOU need this course. So, don't go on without having this training, because this information will reward you for a lifetime!

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"Sifu Trey Crake's new course is awesome. I like the directness and
simplicity of what he is teaching. He is truly the master of the eye strike.
I review many self defense videos, but this one is a must have!"

Shihan Michael Pace
Vernon, NJ
8th Degree Black Belt
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Announcing “The Greatest Self Defense Technique In The World” Video Course…
Including “The Greatest Self Defense Combinations In The World”, Plus More!

Imagine… Having the skill and the confidence to know… REALLY know, that in a fraction of a second, you could easily shut down an individual twice your size!
(without blinking an eye)

Dear Friend,

I was taught early in my martial arts and self defense training by the Grandmaster of Dragon Claw Kung Fu, that “if you break a sweat while defending yourself, you’ve done something wrong!”

And, what you’ve done wrong, is you’ve gotten into a fight!

If you want to fight, join a “mixed martial arts, no holds barred” club and learn to take a pounding.

If you want to go home to your loved ones safely after an attempted assault, this inside information is for you!

What it all boils down to, is not wanting to be a victim. Not wanting to have to  experience an assault, and then having to live with the pain of being victimized and humiliated by some good-for-nothing low-life criminal.

If you’re like me, you think of yourself as a good person. The type of person who is a responsible, productive, contributing member of society. Like we all should be.

Unfortunately, we all know that there are those within our society that are just down right bad to the core.

These people have no respect for person or property. Criminals, who view their world through the eyes of a predator. Those whose waking hours are filled with the thought “Who has got what I want, that I can take from them?”

You know the type I’m talking about.

We all secretly hope that we will never cross paths with this type of sub-human. But unfortunately, “hope” is not going to prevent a “run in” with these types.

Fortunately there is something better than “hope”. Now, there is a simple, easy to learn “system” for handling these types. You are about to discover how just a little knowledge, and a little training can ease your mind and give you the confidence to handle yourself, even against the most hardened criminal.

You see, it’s not about fighting. If it was about fighting, “survival of the biggest, strongest, fastest”, the average person would just be plain out of luck. You might as well walk around with “victim” stamped on your forehead.


I’m glad to say, “that’s not the case”. The average (and even below average) man, woman or teen can become their own bodyguard, and easily learn how to defend themself against a potentially violent attack.

And, luckily, it doesn’t take years of martial arts training. Although it does take a “little” time, and a “little” effort.

The key is information. The right information, the right perspective, properly understood, can change everything.

This reminds me of a story.

There was once a man who drove a truck on a road through a town and got stuck under a bridge that had a low clearance. The men of the town gathered around the wedged truck to think of ways to dismantle the truck or the bridge. Confused and frustrated, they brought in the town’s engineer, but still had no solution. Finally, a young boy came up and asked, “Why don't you let some air out of the tires?" That is what they did, and the truck went on its way.

Oh, what a change in perspective can do to resolve a situation. Just a new idea or a viewpoint can reveal a whole new way of thinking, and change how we view what was an “impossible situation”.

The right information- the information contained in this program, can change your perspective on what it takes to handle yourself, “shut down” an attacker, and stay safe.

The material contained in this powerful 3 DVD set is packed with inside information. You will find closely-held training techniques, drills, tactics, methods, mindsets, applications, and self defense combinations that will enable the average person to walk with the calm confidence that they’ve got what it takes to “shut’em down”!

Fortunately, you won’t have to train for over 25 years like I have. (Oh, what I would have given to have access to all of this information years ago!)

In This Comprehensive Course, You Will Learn:

How to develop “lightning” speed. So fast that your opponent will be helpless to                  defend himself, even if he knew exactly what you were going to do

How to discover your attacker’s intentions before it’s too late

A simple, easy-to-learn technique that any man, women, or even a child can quickly             learn to instantly “shut down” any attacker

Accelerate your “eye / hand” coordination

Inside secrets on how to strike undetected by the most perceptive opponent

A method to be able to strike a specific target as soon as it presents itself

How to put your defense on “autopilot”- No More wondering what to do!

Secrets to developing “identify and destroy” skills

Specific training drills to accelerate your effectiveness

Special instructions to insure you are not “telegraphing” your movement

Why and How this technique works better than any of the other related methods                   being taught today.

An introduction to some of the “closely held” principles of “Dragon Claw Kung Fu”

Drastically boost your reaction time

How to know the “best time” to strike

A method to avoid common injuries frequent with other methods

How to be sure you “follow through” with your striking

How to psychologically “sucker” your attacker into thinking you are cooperating-                (this will seal his fate!)

The difference between action and reaction, and how to use it to your advantage

How to use the element of “surprise” to instantly “turn the tables” on your attacker

What to look for as your attacker starts to make his move

Learn extra drills and training methods that you can practice at home by yourself

New variations and methods not covered in the original manual

Discover another little-known technique to apply with any combination to mentally              “shut down” your attacker

Devastating combinations that will cause your attacker to instantly withdraw- both                                mentally and physically

Techniques that will have a predictable response no matter how big and strong the             attacker is

It will not matter if the attacker’s intention is to rob, rape, assault, or humiliate you. This                        technique can work!

And, Much, Much More!

If you’re looking for complicated, complex martial arts techniques- you know the type, “If he does this, you do this. But, if he does this, you need to do this… garbage…, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t find that here.

But if you’re looking for the mental and physical tools that are simple, versatile, and devastatingly effective, that you can learn in no time flat, to give you the confidence to know you can handle yourself when facing a potentially violent situation, you need to get this package now!

You need to take advantage of this Introductory Price, today. Because, when the real value of this material gets out, the price will go up!

As you will see, I’m practically giving this package away. For anyone who is the least bit interested in real, practical effective self defense, this information is worth several times the cost.

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Volume One- The Greatest Self Defense Technique In The World!

In this detailed instructional DVD, I will teach you step-by-step the quickest and easiest way to develop expert skill and confidence in your ability to accurately and effectively deliver this devastating technique (The Manual doesn't compare to seeing "live" what this technique can accomplish) Plus, lots of added material!
Value: $49.95

Volume Two- The Greatest Self Defense Combinations In The World!

Over a dozen bone breaking, joint snapping, nerve crushing, ligament popping, tendon ripping, follow up techniques that will leave your attacker in a quivering crippled heap of useless flesh!
Value: $39.95

Bonus DVD (If you order Now)- The Greatest Self Defense Technique In The World and The Greatest Self Defense Combinations In The World “Training Partner”

Follow along with this DVD to practice the techniques and drills in “real time” with me as I take you through an effective skill building training session.
Value: $19.95

Total Value of this course: $109.85

Special Note:

Please understand that most people fail in self defense situations because their mind panics, and freezes or withdraws. This is because they know they are in real danger, but have no real solution to the situation. And, when your mind fails to produce a positive solution, you become a victim.

This is the key:
With the right information and training, you gain confidence in your ability. Because when you know what to do, how to do it, and the devastating effect it will have on any attacker, you will live with a calm confidence.  …a confidence that says, “I hope I never get attacked. But, if I am, I know what to do, and I know I can do it!”

Don’t go on anymore without this solution.

You don’t have to wait any longer to gain the skill and the confidence that you’ve been wanting. Don’t put it off.
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